NEW IGUIONSS Individual Mink Soft Eyelashes L LU L+ LC LD Curl Eyelash Nature Extension Lashes Supplies Ellipse

Price: 4.53 - 2.86

Unfamiliar with L,LU and L+ curls? Nervous about incorporating them into your lash repertoire? Time to push past the doubts and start using them, because these unique curls are becoming a MAJOR trend. Here are 2 times you should start using
Your client has straight or downward-facing lashes
Not everyone’s lashes have a natural curve to them, and many lash artists find it tricky to create a sharp set on clients with straighter lashes, or on those whose lashes grow down. the flat base of L ,LU and L+ curls allow them to bond really nicely with straight lashes. “The straight base allows for maximum connection with a straighter lash, so the bond is great.


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