IGUIONSS Segmented False Extension Eyelash DIY Natural Individual Lash Makeup Tools Soft and Natural Easy to Operate Eyelashes

Price: 0.88 - 0.49

Description Details:

False eyelashes are the magic of eye makeup. Although" the little devil cos series false eyelashes" looks exaggerated, it doubles the size of the eyes immediately when it is attached. The Brilliant eyes look very beautiful and dynamic when they blink. If you take pictures, you will find it so different.

This is the 2022 new type of segmented little devil eyelashes. They have been cut into sections, with irregular lengths-combed and dense, and fee like fairy hair. You can directly paste them when you get them. It is designed for the beginners to make up eyelashes which is very convenient and natural!

IGUIONSS can supply OEM and ODM service to our customers


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