IGUIONSS New Style DIY Lash Clusters Natural Individual Eyelash Extension Volume Cluster Eyelash Wispy Easy to Operate Eyelashes

Price: 1.62 - 0.99

IGUIONSS offers multiple lengths and curls for different lash look. 84 lash clusters, 10mm – 16mm in length. Try to find your own lash style at IGUIONSS.

Soft & Lightweight: Super thin band lash clusters to ensure the lashes will not hurt your eyes. Also we have upgraded our eyelash materials. Our cluster lashes are soft and fluffy just like natural lashes. No worry about the plastic look.

Low-cost alternative to eyelash extensions: Just need a little practice, you will be able to finish the eyelash look within 10 minutes. Become the master of your lashes. Once applied, last for at least 3 days. Save too much time!

How to apply lash clusters:

1. Apply the cluster lash glue to your natural lashes and wait about 30 seconds.

2.Gently take lashes off the strip by grab them at the root.

3.Then apply the cluster lashes underneath your natural eyelashes, away 2-3mm from your eyelid.

Guarantee: If you have any questions or problems about our prodcuts, please contact with us and we will give your quick response and solutions. Your satisfaction is our way forward.


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